In 1884, when all the Priangan planters (owners of Priangan plants) starts to succeeded in farm and plantation around Bandung – previously known as Priangan – They start to come over and stay during vacation in Bandung. Their needs were provided by a grocery store located on Groote Postweg (now Asia Afrika street). But then the store collapsed, and in 1897 a Dutchman named W.H.C. Van Deeterkom took over the store and renovated it to a hotel named Preanger Hotel.

For over a quarter of century, Preanger Hotel which has an Indische Empire style became the symbol of pride of all the Dutchmen in Bandung. In 1929 the hotel was re-decorated by a famous Dutch architect, C.P. Wolff Schoemaker while, Ir. Soekarno (ex Indonesia’s first president) assisted him. The hotel’s name had become more and more famous in Indonesia and other countries. Then it became a historical landmark in Bandung.